Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fine dining VS Burger

Fuck fine dining...

Give me a burger!

I'm sitting here watching a Hell's kitchen! These muthafucker talking about exquisite delightable lunch. They sit on these nice ass table in this nice ass restaurant with their nice ass champagne when this muthafucker brings out a plate with a two muthafucking piece of meat on it~! I'm like " Girl, you must have got me soo fucked up".

Muthafucking scallop, muthafucking fish~ Bitch! Fish don't fill nobody. Especially not two damn nickel size piece of meat!

These muthafucking looking at the plate like, *sniff the food delightedly* Mmmm,i smell delicious~ now this is real FINE DINING", while I'll be looking like " O.o with magnifying glass on my hand searching out for the two pieces of meat on my damn plate". Oh hell no... *wave for the waiter* , excuse me, excuse me... Did i just muthafucking order from the KIDS MENU?!?

Man~ Fuck that SHit~ Give me a burger! Give me something that will last me, cause this damn scallop ain't gonna help a shit. You look away and look back and it's gone! These muthafucker just evaporated! That's how small that shit was! And they expect you to pay 30dollar for this! Fucking insane?!

For 30dollar i could get 50 piece of chicken nugget, baked egg cheese burger meal, 3 Mcflurry , two top of large pizza and the possibility is endless. The shit that always gets me is that little piece of grass that put on the food just to TOP it off~ That look tiny ass piece of parsley, like what this shit supposed to do??! Bitch, it's a cherry on top not a muthafucking parsley on top, like this shit is supposed to add COLOR? Bitch, do you realize how much color A BURGER has? It has red tomatoes, brown meat, green lettuce , yellow bun, white mayonnaise, whatever you want.


Bitch~ thats FINE DYING~!

I did not come to this restaurant to snack. I came to eat. Give me a full course meal. I am a grown ass...5'8" man....

Give me my food! You don't fuck with the man's money, you don't fuck with the man's girl, and you sure as hell you dont fuck with the man's FOOD!!!! .\/.o